Do you see your role more as counting or calibrating? Move beyond simply asking “what are the numbers” to “what do the numbers mean”. Listen for a few tips on what you need to believe about your role to be able to serve effectively as a financial leader.

Listen to the first podcast interview which is with Dave Cram. Dave previously served as the CFO for both Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL, and he now serves as the SIL Treasurer. He has been a mentor and friend of mine for a number of years. Enjoy hearing his insights on how to fulfill your calling as a financial leader!

Recently I was asked to present this financial workshop at the annual MissioNexus conference. Glean some insights from Nehemiah in this podcast and then learn what it takes to implement Evaluation, Exploration, Explanation, and Execution as a CFO!

Listen in more detail to the three key perspectives you need to pursue in order to serve well as a CFO.

As I discuss on the podcast, here are the 12 key steps we have pursued in our exploration and implementation processes

  1. Assess the initial outcomes you desire
  2. Document this first iteration of desired outcomes
  3. Engage Subject Matter Experts to begin exploring possibilities
  4. Pursue a solution via a Request for Proposal process
  5. Evaluate with internal leaders
  6. Select vendor that we feel can best meet our needs
  7. Assemble implementation team
  8. Prepare schedule for design, integration, and implementation
  9. Communicate methodically about change
  10. Roll-out solution through phased in approach
  11. Monitor and fine-tune
  12. Celebrate accomplishment

Thanks for taking time to check out the Christian Nonprofit CFO Podcast and for listening to this first episode. Learn the reason for the podcast in this episode and what I hope to accomplish through this endeavor. Stop by my website to leave a comment or give other feedback. Please join me in the journey of enhancing your CFO insight in order to expand your ministry’s impact!