Why a CFO Network in Dallas?

In alignment with the theme “Enhancing CFO Insight; Expanding Ministry Impact” I have the privilege of interacting quarterly with a dozen CFOs of Christian nonprofits in the Dallas area.

As we know, finances are an integral part of any ministry endeavor. It takes money to accomplish mission. While people intuitively understand this truth, it is not always understood that it takes wise financial leadership to steward these funds carefully.

In order to lead well it takes an incredible amount of insight – both on the technical financial aspects and on the organizational collaborative aspects. It takes an awareness and an integration of many components of ministry. In order for a nonprofit to move beyond existing to thriving, the financial leader has to be an intentional contributor to the overall ministry’s planning and impact.

The choice is between an organization floundering and flourishing.

Which is why a ministry’s CFO role is so critical.

While certain CFO skills can be taught there are many that have to be developed through creativity and innovation. Some ideas we can derive on our own while some can be best obtained by gleaning from others. This is why it is very advantageous to meet, collaborate, and coordinate.

This CFO network in Dallas has been created to accomplish these purposes. We will meet together to explore ways to serve in our financial roles with excellence. We want to bring a growing value to the ministries we serve, and we hope to accomplish this by learning from each other.

Each ministry has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. This requires a constant broadening of knowledge along with a growing understanding of how to implement these ideas. We desire to synergistically grow with each other.

We seek to pursue wisdom, solutions, missional impact, and most of all…the magnification of God’s glory.